The Humber Students’ Federation provides important services to meet the needs of Humber students, including the Flexible Health Insurance Plan, Student Lifeline, and Games Room.  Feel free to contact the HSF with feedback and suggestions for both existing services and those you would like to see in the future.

We Help.  Give.  Humber Life.

We Help. Give. Humber Life.
HSF provides essential resources that help each student achieve academic success balanced with their personal well-being. Our students can rest easy knowing that the services they need to reach their goals are right outside their classroom door. HSF recognizes the need to provide students with access to additional financial support and opportunities, giving them the leg up they need to afford the quality education they deserve. Being a successful student means more than just good grades. College is a time of personal growth, both socially and academically. HSF breathes life into Humber by creating a wide range of opportunities where students can take a break from their studies and expand their social network.