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A typical day in the life of a student involves waking up (grudgingly), getting to classes, staying through classes and for those who have a job outside of school, hauling ass all the way to a job you probably do not like. At the end of the day, you slam yourself into bed and pass out; all in a day’s work. Well, how would you like to do a job that you actually like and does not involve frantic rushes to catch buses and streetcars, all in the comfort of your familiar school environment? Sounds awesome?  It is.

The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) executive positions are once again up for grabs and among them is the position of Vice President Campus Life. Being the VP of Campus Life basically puts you in charge of making sure that the students of Humber ITAL have a smashing good time at college. You will be in charge of organising huge events like Frosh and Frost Week, medium sized events like Humber’s Got Talent and small ones like Open Mic Night. Your job is to create fun.

However, the job is not all fun and games. Like every executive position, it requires planning, excellent time management, a knack for knowing what students want, and the ability to make good judgement calls. VP Campus Life at North, Melissa Mendes, weighed in on the details that go into executing an event successfully.

“Every event takes a lot of planning and brainstorming and for most, you have to start planning ahead at least two to three months in advance,” she said.  “You have to schedule bookings, figure out what to put out there so that students will have fun, and put everything in place so that it runs smoothly.”

The job is rewarding but requires a lot of responsibility and people skills. VP Campus Life at Lakeshore, Daniel Hanna, said its an opportunity to apply the knowledge you gain in class.

“It prepares you for the real world. You’re building relationships with people, you’re learning how to better interact with people and deal with difficult situations, you’re learning to be responsible and manage resources properly; it’s great,” he said.

The job also improves your creativity. “The show must go on,” as they say and as VP Campus Life, you acquire the ability to make something out of nothing. Fall/Winter events like Frost Week and the annual Halloween party present the hardest challenge because everyone wants to stay indoors. However, the trick as VP Campus Life is to create an event that is so enticing that students forget the cold and come out to party.

This mastery was exemplified in last year’s Halloween party, which boasted the biggest crowd the school had ever seen. The event was so big that the venue was over capacity, which Hanna says was exciting news because that meant they had done something right.

So, if the above spiel appeals to you and you’re a creative, fun-loving, party-rocking, responsible and diligent executive in the making, shuffle on over to the HSF offices – KX202 (North), K204 (Lakeshore) – and pick up a nomination package. Deadline for submission is Friday, Feb. 17.

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