Club up your school life with HSF


Clique, niche, group, posse, gang, circle, clan…ever felt on the outside in a world full of insiders? Don’t be scared about fitting in at Humber ITAL, because your campus is fully equipped with the perfect solution: clubs.

You don’t need to have a certain personality to fit in at school, you just have to find people with the same passion as you! The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) provides students with many club options that are always open to new members to mix up the scene. From fellowships, music clubs, to sports enthusiasts, volunteer clubs and more, there will never be something you can’t get in on. All club members are always eager to welcome new students to the mix, and you could be just the right ingredient to spice things up on campus.Students can get in touch with their artistic side over at North, where there is not only an Anime campus club, but an Improv club, and even a Bad Movies club. No matter what you’re interested in, HSF has a home for you.

Other clubs that students have come up with include the Gaming Club, which gathers to play various videogames and hold LAN gaming events; the Hip-Hop Club, which focuses helping members learn hip-hop dancing; and the International Affairs Club, which discusses and raises awareness about global issues.All HSF clubs are able to receive support ranging from funds and equipment to promotion of their events and places to hold meetings.

Vice President of Campus Life North, Emily Genitti knows that clubs are a very important aspect of student life, and she wants newcomers to know it.

“New students should be excited not only for the numerous clubs offered through HSF, but what they can expect from them”, Genitti said. “Joining a club is an awesome way to meet new people and branch out into something new, and hopefully expand their capabilities”.

The best thing about clubbing it up at your local campus is that if you don’t find a club that’s right for you, you can embrace your passion and create one yourself.

Kristen Zupancic, HSF Events Assistant, thinks that the creation of a club is a great accomplishment.

“Here at HSF, students have the opportunity to start clubs based on their own interests”, Zupancic said. “By doing that, they discover there are students who share that exact same passion and drive for what they love”.

To create a club at your campus, simply gather your friends, gather your interests and don’t hesitate to stop by the HSF office (KX202 North and K204 Lakeshore) or check out today!



  1. Not so super awesome

    …Said clubs list will be available once the school year starts and people start creating clubs…

  2. I too, am awesome

    You’re on the wrong page guys. This is the page for the “Over-informative, yet ironically, relatively useless club.”


    thats what i was thinking


    Where can i find all the clubs you guys have so i can join one ?


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